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5 Lords of Bricks Making Waves In Real Estate Space In 2023

Adeola Nola Adetola Nola, a 31-year-old real estate entrepreneur in Nigeria, heads Veritasi Homes and Properties Limited. He started in Chemical Engineering and has a diverse career, working in oil and gas, luxury fashion, and construction.


In real estate, he has over a decade of experience in marketing and investment. Under his leadership, Veritasi Homes and Properties Limited achieved over N2 billion in sales in less than five years, offering services like property sales and development. Nola’s mission is to provide affordable luxury housing and foster entrepreneurship in Africa, aiming to support 200 African entrepreneurs by 2025. He’s been recognized on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list for his influence and impact.


MKHMKH Group, formerly known as Mustard Fortune Global Investments Limited, changed its name to MKH Investment Ltd while keeping its financials and legalities the same.


Under the leadership of CEO Dr. Muibi Kehinde Hammed, the company, now valued at over N10 billion, has found success in Nigerian real estate. They emphasize collaboration, transparency, and fair land acquisition practices, with their flagship project, Wealthy Place, offering 500- and 1,000-square-meter plots and a 99-year Certificate of Occupancy starting next year. MKH Group’s growth reflects determination and excellence under Dr. Hammed’s leadership, making them a dynamic player in Nigerian real estate


Bright Sekoni


Bright Sekoni’s inspiring journey from a struggling entrepreneur in Lagos, Nigeria, to a successful figure in real estate is a story of unwavering determination

Bright’s entrepreneurial spirit emerged during his time at Lagos State University, where he gained a reputation for himself by buying and selling used shoes. His natural business savvy and networking skills allowed him to save money, eventually enabling him to start an Uber driving venture. While making an honest living through Uber, he yearned to make a more significant impact and secure financial stability for his family.


Recognizing the potential of the Forex market, Bright invested in it but encountered considerable debt due to its unpredictability. To clear his debts, he had to sell some of his acquired properties. This experience opened his eyes to the potential of real estate investment. After working for various real estate companies, he founded his own firm, which swiftly achieved impressive success by selling properties worth over 4 billion naira in just seven months.


Lukman Shobowale, CEO of Dukiya Investments, has unveiled his book titled “The Real Value of Wealth,” which delves into the potential of the real estate sector in Nigeria. Shobowale emphasizes the sector’s capacity to stimulate economic growth, generate wealth, and alleviate housing shortages, especially as Nigeria’s population continues to grow.


In the face of economic challenges brought by factors such as COVID-19 and global crises, Shobowale highlights the real estate sector’s resilience. He proposes practical solutions in the book, including reforms in mortgages and collaboration between the government and the private sector to address housing deficits and boost real estate investment. The book’s public presentation is scheduled for August 6, 2023, in Lagos, Nigeria, and aims to provide a comprehensive roadmap for harnessing the potential of Nigeria’s real estate sector for sustainable growth and prosperity.


Ayo Akindipe


Ayobami Akindipe, born in 1997 to Nigerian parents, has rapidly become a prominent figure in Nigeria’s real estate industry. His journey is marked by a unique blend of vision and determination. He started in real estate at 13 as a bricklayer and transitioned into a real estate agent at 21. In 2019, he founded Ace Real Estate Development LTD, known for its innovative approach to affordable housing. Ayobami’s commitment to accessible housing earned him recognition and awards, inspiring young Africans to explore entrepreneurship in real estate.


As the CEO of Ace Real Estate Development, he continues to lead the way in delivering quality, affordable housing solutions while inspiring the youth of Nigeria to embrace the vast opportunities in this industry. Ayobami’s dedication and innovative thinking haven’t gone unnoticed, as he has received prestigious awards and accolades for his outstanding contributions to the real estate sector and his efforts to empower young Africans to seize the potential within the industry.

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