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Briana Brumer and LIPSMART: Transforming Lip Care through Innovation

 Briana Brumer, the visionary behind  LIPSMART, has an inspiring story to share—a narrative that encapsulates resilience, passion, and an unshakeable commitment to making a difference. Her journey commenced during her formative years, as she learned the ropes from her father, the renowned chemist Julius Kay, who founded Lambert Kay, a pioneering name in the pet industry’s nutritional and healthcare sector. Tragedy struck when she lost her father at the age of 14, but the indomitable spirit of her father lived on within her, igniting a lifelong mission.

“Why should people read about me? What story do I have to tell? What makes me stand out?” Briana reflects on her journey. The answer lies in her relentless pursuit of solutions, both personal and universal. She faced a profound challenge when she endured years of discomfort due to dry and irritated lips, even struggling to sleep through the night. Despite trying an array of lip products, from drugstore staples to luxury brands, nothing provided the relief she sought. It was this relentless quest for a solution that drove her to embark on a path of innovation.

“After trying endless lip products, both drugstore and luxury, nothing worked, so I developed a product that would be a solution for everyone,” Briana recounts. Her unwavering passion and tireless efforts led her to create a groundbreaking solution for dry lips—a Delivery System designed to capture, retain, and lock in moisture, ensuring that lips stay hydrated for hours. The result is visibly fuller, smoother, and healthier-looking lips, with results often visible within a minute of application.

LIPSMART, born from Briana’s unwavering dedication, has thrived in a fiercely competitive market for over 15 years, establishing itself as a leading one-product solution. Beyond the realm of beauty, LIPSMART has gained recognition in the medical field, particularly among individuals taking prescription medications like Accutane or undergoing chemotherapy. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons across the globe recommend LIPSMART for post-injection care.

What sets LIPSMART apart is its innovative delivery system, which not only captures and retains moisture for extended periods but also facilitates rapid lip recovery, often within a minute. Under Briana’s visionary leadership, LIPSMART has expanded its presence to over 5000 private and corporate luxury beauty, spa wellness, dermatology, and medical establishments throughout the United States. Furthermore, LIPSMART has made its mark internationally, venturing into the European Union and the Middle East.

Briana Brumer’s career highlights are a testament to her altruism and commitment. She spent a decade visiting the Sylvester Cancer Center, where she volunteered to provide LIPSMART to adult patients undergoing chemotherapy. Harsh medications can wreak havoc on lips, leaving them dry, cracked, and even bleeding. LIPSMART’s immediate relief and healing properties brought smiles and comfort to these patients, an experience that Briana holds dear to her heart.

Another significant milestone in Briana’s career was her marketing collaboration with Galderma, a leader in the injectable aesthetic space. LIPSMART’s proven ability to expedite post-lip injection recovery earned it recognition as a Medical Grade Hydration solution within the medical industry.

Reflecting on her journey, Briana Brumer acknowledges the challenges she faced in convincing retailers that LIPSMART was a universal solution, catering not only to beauty enthusiasts but also to the medical industry. Undeterred, she attended ten medical shows annually, allowing doctors, physicians, and med spa professionals to experience LIPSMART’s transformative results firsthand. She distributed samples to their patients, all with the aim of eradicating dry lip discomfort once and for all.

Briana imparts her wisdom to others with profound simplicity: “Follow your passion. Simple and honest is the best—especially if you believe in the product and always believe in yourself.” Her inspiring journey from adversity to innovation serves as a guiding light for entrepreneurs and individuals striving to make a difference.

Briana Brumer and LIPSMART have not only transformed the lip care industry but have also touched countless lives, offering comfort, confidence, and a testament to the power of dedication and belief. LIPSMART is more than a product; it is a symbol of the indomitable spirit of its founder and her unwavering commitment to making the world a better place—one smile at a time

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