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Exclusive Interview with Prejon Henderson 

1. How long have you been acting? 

I’ve been interested in acting all my life but didnt get serious with it until moving to LA. I started with acting classes first and got my acting debut within “A WAY OUT 2” shortly after relocating! Shoutout to Director Cortez Mooney!  

2. What movies have you been in ? 

Including “A WAY OUT 2” I’ve been casted in 3 movies so far! I am playing as one of the leads in a new comedy film called “EXTRA’D OUT” as well as a supporting role in a new drama/action movie called “FIGHT FOR LOVE”!

3. How did you get into acting? 

I’ve always love creating content such as music videos & Tv skits so my love for being behind and in front of the camera started early around middle school. We would create Tv productions to broadcast to the entire school every monday morning! We had the entire school laughing with the different skits we would create.

4. How did you meet Director Cortez Mooney? 

I actually met Director Cortez Mooney on set of the comedy film “A WALK IN THE PARK” Even before juming into acting Ive always understood the power of networking coming from the music industry as a singer-songwriter. Something told me to walk up and introduce myself and the rest is history! 

5. Since A WAY OUT is a brand and a series of movies ! Which A WAY OUT are You in & what character?

I was casted as the “Fake” John Legend within “A WAY OUT 2” My part consists of a funny series of scenes that take place in a celebrity rehab where I get to trash talk the one of the main characters of the movie named Smoke. 

6. What made you decide to want to work with director Cortez Mooney? 

The day we met you can tell he was a GO GETTA! Meaning he is willing to put in the work to make it happen! He took a chance on me considering I had no previous professional acting experience and it paid off! In this industry you dont get these type of opportunites often so I knew it was time step up and put in the work!

7. How did you get the call to join A WAY OUT ? And how did you feel when you got the call ?

I received an invite to cast for the “Fake” John Legend role and at first I thought he was calling me a fake John Legend trying to be funny. Thankfully he followed back up and clarified that the character was going to be a “Fake” John Legend not me LOL I’m glad he followed back up though or I wouldn’t be in the film! 

8. How was your experience working with Director Cortez Mooney? Did you learning anything about the business ? Or working close with him ? 

Working with Director Cortez Mooney I learned that you cant wait on nobody when it comes to your dreams. Be patient obvisously but know when its time to get up and make things happen for yourself! Time waits for no man! Get out and get it now or forever regret it! 

9. What was your favorite moment if you have one of working or set or the project? 

My favorite moment was meeting the cast the day we filmed our parts. The homie Prolific is also in a few of the “A WAY OUT” series acting as Silm and he has been like a big brother in the acting industry putting me in position to get casted on several projects. Its rare to meet people who genuinely want others to win. This role within “A WAY OUT 2” has open many doors and helped me network with so some really cool people!

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