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From Lagos to the Global Stage: RICHTUNEZMUSIC and the Journey of an Afrobeats Maestro.

In a world where music transcends borders and cultures, afrobeats has emerged as a powerful force, carrying the rhythms of Africa to every corner of the globe. Among the new voices that are shaping this vibrant scene, Richards Moses, known artistically as RICHTUNEZMUSIC, stands out as a beacon of innovation and passion. From the bustling streets of Lagos, Nigeria, Moses embarked on his musical voyage in September 2023, quickly making waves with a series of dynamic singles and amassing a following eager for his fresh sound and authentic storytelling.

In just a few months, Moses has released four singles that have captured the essence of afrobeats while infusing it with his unique flavor. His tracks, “People,” “Karma is a Bitch,” “Nakupenda,” and “Sweet Like Soogar,” resonate with the energy and spirit of his homeland, each one a testament to his artistic versatility and commitment to his craft. The impact of these singles is undeniable, having collectively garnered over 300,000 streams across various digital platforms—a remarkable feat for an artist just beginning his journey.

The highlight of his nascent career came swiftly with the prestigious OSFAM Awards recognizing him as the artiste of the year in 2023. This accolade not only affirmed his talent but also underscored his potential to become a cornerstone in the afrobeats genre. Yet, Moses remains humble and focused, viewing his achievements as stepping stones toward greater artistic expression and connection with his audience.

Despite the glamour and acclaim, the path has not been without its challenges. Moses candidly shares that the most significant hurdles often arise during the creative process, particularly in collaborating with recording engineers. “I don’t record myself, so most times, engineers get me crazy,” he jokes, but there’s a serious undertone to his struggle. The relationship between an artist and their production team is crucial, and for Moses, the key has been to maintain a balance of control and collaboration, allowing the creative juices to flow freely, resulting in what he describes as “magic.”

His forthcoming EP, “AREVA,” promises to be a pivotal moment in his career. Slated for release soon, “AREVA” explores themes of diplomacy and peace, woven through narratives that echo the rich tapestry of African culture and history. This project is not just an album; it’s a message, a story, and a piece of art that seeks to bridge cultural divides and celebrate the shared human experience.

As Moses looks to the future, his ambitions are clear and lofty. He dreams of his music reaching every continent, of headlining major arenas and shutting down stadiums with his electrifying performances. “My biggest dream in life is to be recognized across the globe,” he states with conviction. With his relentless drive and burgeoning talent, these dreams are not merely fantasies but milestones waiting to be achieved.

For those who have followed his rise, Moses is more than just an artist; he is a visionary who sees beyond the notes and rhythms to the impact music can have on the world. His advice to others reflects his philosophy: “Just take it easy and learn to allow things to flow freely.” It’s this approach that has served him well in the studio and beyond, as he navigates the complexities of a burgeoning music career.

RICHTUNEZMUSIC is not just a stage name; it’s a growing brand, a movement, and a promise of what afrobeats can offer the world. As Moses continues to craft his path, one beat at a time, the world listens, dances, and eagerly anticipates what comes next from this maestro from the heart of Africa.

Follow RICHTUNEZMUSIC on his journey:

Each platform offers a window into the art and soul of a rising star set to leave an indelible mark on the music world. Stay tuned, stay locked in, and watch as RICHTUNEZMUSIC transforms dreams into reality.

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