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How Mark Margulies Seized the Chance to Innovate & Customized Watches in the Process

In an industry where tradition tends to reign supreme, Mark Margulies of Horus Watch Straps has decided to do things a little differently with his own business. Horus Watch Straps specializes in creatively-designed watch straps. Those outside the watch industry may be surprised to know that before Mark’s company took watch strap customization to this next level, it was difficult to find quality customizations for luxury watch brands. Mark utilized strategic advertising techniques and even received endorsement free-of-charge from big names to bring his company to where it is today. Mark shared some of his own story and what’s next for Horus Watch Straps.

Mark’s story defies the norm in more ways than one. Starting a business at 21 years old is uncommon and understandably so—navigating the challenges of work and life balance in the midst of juggling school and additional responsibilities of your early 20’s is no easy feat. However, with some ups and downs, Mark managed to find his own rhythm and looked to expand his business from more traditional servicing to digging into innovative opportunities. Horus Watch Straps was launched in 2014 and not too long after this, Mark noticed a need for more variety within the watch servicing industry, particularly with watch straps. 

Within the watch industry, tradition and classic styles are the name of the game. Trends do not come and go as quickly as they might in the fashion industry when luxury watches are such an investment—they become a statement of their own and get passed down as heirlooms. So, it’s understandable why the watch industry has so many traditionalists in it. Mark explained that almost every watch industry professional values OEM (original equipment manufacturing) watch servicing. Little to no changes are ever made to a watch, and if they are, it would be too subtle to notice as a distinguishable alteration or customization. 

Within this field, Mark saw a window of opportunity for something new and exciting. With people investing in luxury watches, pieces that they wear every day and go with them through much of life, why should they not be able to customize their watches to their heart’s content? Originally only servicing with leather straps, Mark saw the pull for increased variety in material options, and introduced rubber as well as crazy color options and patterns as well. Mark recalls the early days of Horus, when he gained attention by putting blue suede straps on red watches and red suede straps on gold watches – combinations not often seen in the watch world. Where customers might previously have had little to no creative freedom, they were now able to customize to their hearts content. 

The success of Horus Watch Straps is partially due to utilizing social media to their best advantage (for reference, Instagram: @HorusStraps, @MarkMargulies). However, Mark explained that a high volume of celebrities began to purchase from Horus Watch Straps, so the company received celebrity endorsement without ever having to create or engage an endorsement budget of their own. This is the kind of advertising that many companies wish for, and Horus Watch Straps acquired this by simply offering the highest quality products with top-tier customer service. 

With such success under Horus Watch Straps’ belt, or strap, if you will, Mark shared a little on what is next for the company. While he relented to share specific details for confidentiality purposes, he hinted at things like a lifestyle brand, and an expansion within Horus Watch Straps. He also stated that Horus Watch Straps would be selling more than just watch straps with the expansion. With the new year ahead, there is great anticipation for how Horus Watch Straps will innovate within their industry next.

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