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Norberto Diaz Granados´s Approach to Building A Lasting Personal Brand In 2022

For the last 10 years, Norberto Diaz Granados has been working on his own developing his name and personal brand from scratch. During his journey has had the opportunity to reach thousands of people on social media, connect with some interesting people and operate multiple businesses. Although it was two years ago, during lockdown when he began to grow and spread out his message in the best way… online.

Some of the tips and advises he wants to share today with us.

1. Be smart today and use your social media

There is a saying that says: “Your network is your net worth.”

Just to talk about Instagram, it is one of the greatest ways to spread out your voice. It alone has more than one billion users, and the phone that you’re probably reading this article on can connect you with anybody in a few clicks. Following others advice and have been proved it, I can recommend today to expand your networking by sending introduction direct messages to people in your niche. I have met so any interesting and wonderful people this way, and I got to say, I have learnt a lot from them.

2. Be authentic, be yourself

Today, there are a lot of “gurus” giving advises for doing a great brand by doing nothing. Those are who tells you to copy and paste somebody else work. This is really a great temptation for many who thinks can make it happen from one day to another. Some others say to duplicate or replicate what you see working for others. But the truth is: I won´t work for you the same way. It would be so much more wonderful for you if you look in your heart, experiences and stories of live and find the way to share this and connect with a specific people who relates with you this way.

3. Let them know you first

Before selling something (yourself), you need to let them know you the most they can, so they trust in you. No matter if you are a company, a store, or a personal brand. You need first they come to know you better each day. So, you need to share about you, your daily living, ideas, and this personal thing that would make you get some real exposure, and they would feel you closer every day.

At the same time, try to give some value to your audience. Not only posting cool things and photos but giving them value. This will make them to get in touch with you, your content and engage with you and your work or product.

4. Be open minded everyday

What is the best way to share or promote online today? Video? Photos? Blog? Reels? As I said before, you need to try what is good for you. No matter if something works for the most people, you need to find your way.

I have learnt during my journey that we must try everything and then stay focus on what works better for our brand or promotion. Even if something works good today, and tomorrow it doesn´t, just change for something else. For this reason, you need to be open-minded so you can evolve and grow every day.

For example, in my case, I began with blogging, then I tried photos, and finally stayed with videos. This is the manner I flow the best and that is how most people has come to know me.

5. Think beyond boundaries

The best thing on social media is that you may have your content there forever. It doesn´t matter if today no one likes it. Maybe tomorrow somebody will love it. So, never think about the next hour after posting. Think about the long term for your posts. I have received good comments and offers for posts I made five years ago. For example, my first book published in 2011 got the attention of some sponsors just 7 years later after share it for the first time.

My recent work with novel writers took almost two years before developing the audience I have today. But if you do not post no one will be impacted by you. Think of it.

6. Love Your Haters…if you have one.

Most of us never starts working or posting on social media a great photo or video for the fear of what they would think or say”. The first thing to accept is that a lot of people won´t like your content no matter what you do. The second is that almost no one is interested in harm nor hate you for your success. Third, if you got the luck to have haters… then love them.

Yes! Haters are great for you. They make comments, they debate, they bring much more engagement than others. I got a lot of haters on YouTube, for example and they may post even hundreds of comments in my videos that bring more traffic to my content. It is lovely the way it happens!

So, be humble and let them speak!

7. Set your goals

Most people on social media wants to get to top the fastest. And when it doesn´t happen they feel miserable.

The secret of this is to do what you love to. If you like teaching, painting, singing, traveling… then find a way to impact others with what you love. Then, while you do your loving thing, people will start receiving all what you have for them, just for sharing something every week. Somehow, it will bring you fame, recognition and even money eventually. If you set your goal in what you love to do, that goal will keep you in track all the time, during your journey, you will enjoy the trip while help others.

For sure, these advises will give you an idea of what you may do this 2022. It is just the beginning of the journey this year, so go for it and get it all.

Be sure to follow him on Instagram for more content every week. Don´t miss his new music releases on your favorite streaming platform.

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