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RePlatform Launches ‘UnCancel Wednesday’ Challenging Censorship, Promotes Parallel Economy

RePlatform’s Initiative Aims to Empower Consumers, Support Silenced Brands, and Uphold Free Speech Values in Response to Big Tech and Corporate Policies

Las Vegas, NV, November 23, 2023 — As the holidays approach, the promise of great deals on Black Tuesday and Cyber Monday lures many. However, David Ragsdale, CEO of RePlatform expresses concern in a recent article on The Post Millennial regarding the dilemma that conservatives face when faced with these holiday shopping dates stating “These shopping extravaganzas, while alluring to many, demand a significant compromise: supporting corporations deeply entrenched in censorship and cancel culture. Companies like Amazon and Netflix, actively persecuting conservative values, benefit from these events. It’s time for a decisive stance. Let’s leverage UnCancel Wednesday—a day uniting Americans to champion silenced brands and challenge pandering corporations.”

A change is in order spearheaded by RePlatform, the passionate creators of The Freedom Economy Convention. UnCancel Wednesday—a day for Americans to support silenced brands and challenge corporate giants—has been introduced by RePlatform, where David Ragsdale, the CEO, has encountered numerous companies dedicated to creating an alternative to corporate dominance—the Parallel Economy.  RePlatform: The Freedom Economy Convention was inspired by Defeat the Mandates’ experience of being deplatformed by various B2B services while organizing rallies in Washington DC and Los Angeles.

The Parallel Economy faces challenges from the government and big corporations but stands strong against an ineffective and corrupt establishment. UnCancel Wednesday, which is happening on November 29 following Giving Tuesday, marks a celebration of silenced voices, free speech, and shared values.

Consumer choices become powerful when big corporations embrace divisive politics. Public protests have influenced changes in major companies like Disney and Target. 

Disney faced the #DropDisney campaign, resulting in financial losses and the departure of the CEO due to the promotion of divisive ideologies. Target’s push during “pride month” sparked a significant national boycott. 

Throughout the pandemic, major corporations employed tactics to harm smaller businesses, silencing those labeled as ‘MAGA’ or ‘disinformation,’ redirecting consumer spending from local businesses to monopolies.

“UnCancel Wednesday is not a boycott; it’s a response to corporations endorsing authoritarian Covid policies for profit” Ragsdale emphasizes. ‘It encourages Americans to reclaim agency, champion free speech, and support businesses stifled by woke authoritarians. It’s a call for true freedom, challenging the suppression of values and livelihoods for too long.”

In lieu of supporting woke brands and companies, RePlatform prepared a roundup of brands that uphold traditional principles that inspire free speech, liberty and American values. The guides will span across 9 distinct themes, including Timeless Discoveries, Harmony at Home, Gourmet Expressions, Fashion Beyond Trends, Homegrown Wellness, Spiritual Expresions, Literary Journeys and Innovative Tech Hub—giving shoppers an ample supply of options to gift their loves ones without having to compromise their values or beliefs.

With big tech censorship on the rise, UnCancel advocates from Patmos expressed their support for RePlatform’s Uncancel Initiative. “In the last few years, we have seen a significant shift away from supporting “big business” as consumer habits steer into a more localized, homegrown approach to shopping. We have seen communities rally around the #ShopSmall movement, choose products and services that are #MadeintheUSA, and now a shift into the freedom-focused #paralleleconomy. These movements proactively enable small and American-made businesses to stand firm in the communities where big business and cancel culture threaten their survival. We are proud supporters of UnCancel Wednesday as an opportunity to speak with the power of the dollar. UnCancel Wednesday encourages Americans to proactively and intentionally spend their money with businesses that support freedom.” said Megan Greene, Vice president of Customer Success at Patmos.

With a robust global infrastructure and cancel-resistant user policies, Patmos is competing in the cloud hosting space as the leading provider of cloud infrastructure to the growing parallel economy. John Johnson, CEO of Patmos expresses the pressing need for freedom of speech in big tech, “We see cancellations from big tech platforms more often than one might think. It never makes the news. It’s always a surprise, and it’s often catastrophic for business. So Patmos provides a way to mitigate that risk. But at the end of the day, we don’t want to compete for business on a mission-alignment basis. We just provide really good service with great value. So while a lot of our clients come to us to break free from big tech, the majority simply want less downtime, faster service, on a more robust infrastructure. The beauty of a verticalized supply chain is that it provides a space for ideological freedom but also dramatically improves ROI for our clients.”

As UnCancel Wednesday approaches, individuals are encouraged to redefine consumer decisions and reclaim market share. Join RePlatform in bolstering brands against the woke revolution and pandemic and affirm that individual freedoms, traditional values and free speech will build an UnCancelled America.

RePlatform extends the invitation to all Americans to join two of their landmark events happening in 2024. RePlatform is bringing back the Covid Litigation Conference (CLC) and the much anticipated RePlatform 2024 Vegas: The Freedom Economy Convention both held in Las Vegas set to happen on March 8 to 10, 2024 at the Horseshoe. The events will cover topics that are culturally and socially relevant to preserving the fiber of 

American values and free speech and will also feature a trade show of industry figures that fight for the cause of preserving the Parallel Economy and upholding free speech. 

David Ragsdale is the CEO of RePlatform and Director of Operations at Defeat the Mandates. He received his Master’s of Public Policy at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore. 


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About RePlatform

RePlatform emerged as a trailblazer in the parallel economy movement, conceived by the ingenious minds behind Defeat the Mandates DC, Defeat the Mandates LA and the Covid Litigation Conference. With a profound commitment to providing a voice for millions of Americans who have endured censorship, cancellation, and de-platforming, RePlatform orchestrates immersive experiences that transcend conventional boundaries. Its legacy, marked by transformative events, has garnered recognition for fostering freedom and resilience. Standing against the tide of mainstream offerings, RePlatform draws strength from past initiatives that attracted over 65,000 parallel economy enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. In an era where alternative narratives are imperative, RePlatform’s mission is to create change, drive awareness, and forge connections in a landscape where American values and a freedom-based economy reign supreme.RePlatform Launches ‘UnCancel Wednesday’ Challenging Censorship, Promotes Parallel Economy

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