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Shifting Gears: How Michael Dooley is Reshaping Automotive Marketing

Michael Dooley, founder and CEO of Pinnacle Online Marketing, was just 19 when he entered the auto industry. He quickly climbed the ranks and became a dealership manager in his mid-20s. Yet, he soon realized that excelling at sales was not enough. He understood the significance of having a loyal customer base for sustainable income, which led him to explore marketing and brand development. This decision didn’t just change his career; it marked a turning point for automotive marketing.

Dooley’s passion for learning and his competitive spirit guided him as he delved into marketing. The game-changing moment arrived while he was setting up a luxury car dealership. He used social media to share his daily experiences, wins, and struggles. These live videos became popular, and other dealerships started seeking his advice.

Without initially intending to, Dooley started a business. His personal brand and industry experience filled a niche, transforming what began as an ‘accident’ into a thriving venture. Now, Dooley is seen as a leader in automotive lead generation and the software-as-a-service (SaaS) community.

Pinnacle Online Marketing currently serves clients across nine countries. Even with this international reach, Dooley stresses the importance of staying true to your unique journey and not comparing yourself to others. Success, in his view, is about setting achievable goals that align with your personal ‘why’.

Dooley’s journey wasn’t all smooth sailing. His life after the dealership coincided with a challenging period in Australia, marked by bushfires and the global COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of being held back by these adversities, Dooley saw them as an opportunity for growth. He widened his client base beyond local customers and adopted a global approach.

However, the secret to Pinnacle’s quick growth isn’t chasing the biggest clients. It’s about delivering solutions and value to each client, building relationships at all levels. Dooley’s belief in authenticity, reflected in his transparent personality, nurtures trust and strengthens client relationships.

Despite managing a successful business, Dooley prioritizes work-life balance, setting aside Sundays for family. The fulfillment he gets from these moments fuels his drive for his work. He has also assembled an exceptional team at Pinnacle that enables him to focus on strategic planning and business growth.

Looking ahead, Dooley has ambitious plans. He aims to make Pinnacle a comprehensive solution for clients by continuously enhancing their services and software. He enjoys acting as an outsourced CMO for various clients, bringing a fresh outlook and global expertise to help companies boost their marketing and sales strategies.

Dooley’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is straightforward yet insightful: “Be genuine and really understand your purpose. Have a plan, set small, achievable goals, and execute them.”

As he continues to expand his business and help his clients prosper, there’s no doubt that Michael Dooley’s impact on the automotive marketing industry will continue to grow.

To learn more about Pinnacle Online Marketing, visit their website at or explore their story at

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