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Stewart Adams: Merging Technology and Wellness with Yakuru Labs and CHUR Networks

In the realms of technology and wellness, one individual stands out – Stewart Adams. His entrepreneurial path has taken him from disrupting the realm of WiFi services to reshaping the health and wellness industry with CBD and botanical products. Adams is an archetype of how struggles can become a launching pad for ground-breaking innovations.

Adams started his entrepreneurial expedition in 2017 with the creation of CHUR Networks. His exposure to Silicon Valley led him to identify an underexploited market, leading to his mission of providing uninterrupted WiFi services. The company further evolved to supply top-tier indoor tracking at key events and conferences. Using advanced algorithms and multi-layered technology, CHUR Networks delivers indoor tracking accuracy that astonishingly reaches under 5cm. This novel approach quickly catapulted the company to become a market frontrunner.

The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 brought a set of challenges, but Adams took it as a chance to innovate further. He co-founded Yakuru Labs LLC with his Australian ally, Manson, based in Utah. They initially specialized in CBD oil products, but over three years, they refined their focus. Now, they introduce two prominent products – Nootrogreens, a super greens concoction with CBD and Lion’s Mane, and SOGNO, a sleep aid gummy infused with CBD, CBN, melatonin, 5HTP, and GABBA. The upcoming relaunch of their e-commerce platform,, within the next 4-6 weeks, will be a significant milestone.

The journey towards success was not a smooth sail. Adams faced moments of potential homelessness while attempting to secure funds for his businesses. Convincing investors and the stress of almost running out of funds in 2017 were stringent tests of his determination. Nevertheless, CHUR Networks thrived into a strong 50-member organization, even retaining its staff during the Covid-19 pandemic when conferences were discontinued. Yakuru Labs, despite similar challenges, persisted in its mission to develop transformative formulas.

Adams lives by the philosophy – “hard work outworks talent.” He fervently believes in structured routines to achieve goals. A fitness enthusiast, he engages in CrossFit 4-6 days a week, which includes weightlifting and walking. He even trains in challenging locales like the SOI in Thailand, exemplifying his belief in the interplay between physical and mental strength.

The loss of his mother to multiple sclerosis ignited Adams’ interest in CBD and plant-based products. He vowed to challenge the mainstream pharmaceutical paradigm and investigate alternative treatments for degenerative diseases with his team.

Yakuru Labs plans to broaden its international presence in the future. Backed by Swiss investment and newly acquired manufacturing facilities, they aim to establish wellness retreats in Australia, the USA, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, among others. CHUR Networks, too, plans to expand its dominance in the conference space, aiming to employ over 500 individuals worldwide. Adams’ goal extends beyond mere numbers; he strives to nurture a culture of purpose, resilience, and innovative thinking.

Yakuru Labs also has plans to step into the digital currency arena, with the launch of an NFT and Stable coin slated for the end of 2023, ensuring tangible benefits for their community.

Stewart Adams’ vision for CHUR Networks and Yakuru Labs is a testament to his entrepreneurial dynamism. His journey is a vivid portrayal of resilience, innovation, and the quest for a life imbued with purpose. As he moves forward, shaping the future of technology and wellness, Stewart Adams is indeed a name to remember.

In conclusion, Stewart Adams demonstrates how challenges can breed innovation and resilience, turning potential setbacks into opportunities. His entrepreneurial acumen and unwavering resolve have been critical to the rise of CHUR Networks and Yakuru Labs, both innovators in their respective arenas.

To keep up with Stewart’s ventures and the latest innovations, visit the official websites of CHUR Networks and Yakuru Labs. These platforms, committed to bettering lives through technology and wellness, reflect Stewart’s dedication to pushing limits and fostering positive change.

Every stride in his journey and each decision he makes validates Stewart Adams’ belief – hard work outworks talent, and a committed, balanced, and structured approach ensures success. In the ever-evolving landscape of tech and wellness, we can expect to see more remarkable innovations from Stewart Adams in the future.

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