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Stop your Triggers Effectively with Edit B Kiss, Holistic Trauma Therapist

Edit B Kiss’s story unfolds like a remarkable journey from precision to intuition, from the structured world of petroleum engineering to the expansive realm of holistic trauma therapy. For 15 years, she navigated the complexities of the petroleum industry, where logic and precision reign supreme. Yet, it was her personal battle with severe panic attacks that steered her towards uncharted territories—those of healing and spiritual growth. At the age of 25, the first steps toward her transformative path began, marked by an immersion into spiritual practices that would reshape her life.

As she ventured deeper into the world of holistic wellness, Edit trained to become a Reiki Master and a Sekhem Healer, embraced the teachings of Karma Yoga under the esteemed Karma Guru Sumant Kaul, and honed her extra sensory perceptions. Her journey also led her to family constellation therapies, enriching her understanding and skills, laying the groundwork for what would become a life dedicated to healing others.

Her mentors were figures renowned in their respective fields; from the Satori Prime brothers, whose approaches are grounded in the philosophies of the Landmark Forum, to Bob Proctor, a luminary featured in the influential film “The Secret.” During her time in New Zealand, she deepened her commitment to her new path by joining Reiki NZ Incorporated, surrounding herself with like-minded practitioners dedicated to healing and spiritual growth.

The transformation from engineer to healer has not gone unnoticed. Edit’s efforts have been recognized with a series of accolades: she became a #1 best-selling author in 2020, received a Humanitarian Award in 2021, and contributed as an executive to Brainz magazine through 2022 and 2023. Her voice has resonated across the airwaves, featured in approximately 30 trauma-related podcasts in 2024 alone, including a notable appearance on the Jan Broberg Show, enhancing her visibility and influence.

Facing and overcoming her own mental and physical ailments, Edit turned to advanced healing techniques such as source memory healing and Samadhi meditation. These practices, supported by the scientific findings of Dr. Joe Dispenza and Jose Silva, involve accessing delta brainwaves through activation of the pineal gland, offering profound healing and relief.

Edit’s philosophy is both simple and profound: the root of physical and mental ailments is emotional. She teaches that the triggers of our discomfort are signals, cries from unprocessed emotions buried deep within our unconscious, remnants of past traumas or inherited from our ancestors. Through her therapies, she guides individuals to release these blockages, thereby stopping triggers and preventing the onset of related diseases.

Looking to the future, Edit B Kiss envisions herself as a leading expert in trauma healing and mental health. Already well-established with individual clients and group healing sessions, she plans her next therapeutic retreat in Greece and dreams of expanding her reach to Los Angeles, where she hopes to inaugurate a new phase of her career with a live show and a public meditation center.

In a world often dominated by conventional therapies that tread the surface of deeper emotional and psychological issues, Edit offers a key to unlock a lasting solution to PTSD, depression, and other mental health challenges. Her methods not only promise relief but also advocate for a gentle, fast, and enduring healing process, making her a pivotal figure in the quest for holistic wellness. Through her work, Edit B Kiss continues to illuminate the path to mental health, holding the mystery key to liberation from the often invisible chains that bind so many.

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