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Susana Scott: Empowering Lives through Brematson Disability Advocates

Empowering Individuals, Transforming Communities, and Championing Inclusivity

Susana Scott, a visionary leader and passionate advocate for disability rights, has become a driving force in the field through her groundbreaking organization, Brematson Disability Advocates. With a personal connection to the cause and a wealth of experience in government, Scott has transformed the lives of individuals with disabilities while spearheading a nationwide movement for inclusivity and accessibility.

After serving as the Special Assistant to the Minister and President of the Treasury Board for the Parliamentary government of Canada, Scott’s life took a transformative turn when her daughter was born with Spina Bifida in 2002. This life-altering event ignited Scott’s unwavering commitment to championing the rights of people with disabilities and led her to establish Brematson Disability Advocates, Inc. in 2004.

Brematson Disability Advocates is a nationally recognized disability case management solutions advocacy organization. Drawing upon her extensive knowledge of government processes and her expertise in navigating bureaucracy and interpreting legislation, Scott has positioned her organization as a catalyst for change, building connections, and advocating for disabled individuals across Canada. Through Brematson Disability Advocates, Scott has successfully bridged the gap between disabled individuals and the government, creating a pathway for effective advocacy and policy reform.

Scott’s unparalleled dedication to the disability community extends beyond her advocacy work. As an advocate for inclusivity, she has been a sponsor of the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities (SMD) All Abilities Dance Group and the SMD Dancing with Celebrities fundraiser. Her support of the City of Winnipeg’s Sponsor Winnipeg initiative has led to the implementation of invaluable programs at the Millennium Library, including the Adaptive Book Collection for children with learning disabilities and the Sign-A-Story program for deaf children. Through her outreach efforts, Scott has consistently informed and educated others about disability issues and programs, making a lasting impact on the community.

A charismatic and influential public speaker, Scott has shared her insights and experiences with various organizations and audiences, including the UFCW, K C Dyslexic Learning Centre, Autism Society Manitoba, and more. Her TEDx talk captivated audiences, shedding light on the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and inspiring positive change. Scott’s ability to connect with her audience stems from her personal experiences as a mother and her unwavering dedication to her cause.

Scott’s tireless efforts have extended to the political sphere, where she has successfully lobbied the Provincial government for accessibility rights legislation in Manitoba. Her influence led to the passing of the Accessibility Advisory Council Act and the implementation of strong and effective accessibility-rights legislation. In recognition of her immense contributions, Scott currently sits on the board at Variety Manitoba, where she chairs the Community Engagement Committee, playing a pivotal role in evaluating and recommending marketing initiatives to support Variety’s fundraising and marketing goals.

Building Brematson Disability Advocates from the ground up has not been without its challenges. Scott faced initial hurdles in gaining trust and credibility as a for-profit business within the disability space. However, through perseverance, success, and media coverage, she has shattered the stigma surrounding for-profit disability organizations, highlighting the importance of quality services and support in the pursuit of inclusivity.

Scott’s personal journey has also presented her with personal challenges, including the sudden loss of her husband, mother, and brother-in-law within a span of 18 months. These tragedies have reinforced her resilience, gratitude for life, and unwavering commitment to her family, faith, and business.

As Brematson Disability Advocates continues to expand its reach, Scott remains focused on her mission to create a more inclusive society and empower individuals with disabilities. Her visionary leadership, unwavering dedication, and profound impact on the disability advocacy landscape position her as a true catalyst for change.

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Susana Scott’s unwavering commitment to disability advocacy through Brematson Disability Advocates has redefined the narrative surrounding disabilities and has inspired change on a national scale. Through her visionary leadership, Scott has shattered barriers, transformed lives, and empowered individuals with disabilities to reach their fullest potential. Her impact reaches far beyond her organization, serving as an inspiration to all who encounter her story and reinforcing the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in creating a more equitable society.

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