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Teri Donelson’s Innovative Approach to Goal Setting with the Purpose Chasing Planner

Teri Donelson

As the glimmering lights of New York Times Square shone upon the grand billboard featuring Teri Donelson in December, it symbolized more than just a personal achievement. It represented a beacon of hope and transformation for countless individuals embarking on their journey of self-discovery and purpose. Teri, the dynamic founder and CEO of Purpose Chasing Academy, has not only made a mark with her innovative Purpose Chasing Planner but also through her impactful events and coaching,

A Vision on the World’s Stage: Teri Donelson in Times Square

The feature of Teri Donelson on the New York Times Square Billboard is a testament to her growing influence and recognition. This remarkable moment highlights her journey from overcoming personal challenges to becoming a celebrated figure in the world of entrepreneurship and personal development. It’s a powerful message that resonates deeply with her mission: empowering individuals to break free from their constraints and chase their true purpose.

The Purposeful Brunch: A Gathering for Empowerment

In December, alongside her Times Square feature, Teri hosted The Purposeful Brunch in her hometown of Cleveland, an event that perfectly encapsulates her philosophy. This gathering went beyond the usual mix of food and conversation. It was a platform for like-minded women to network, share their stories, and learn from each other. The Purposeful Brunch is not just an event; it’s a community experience that fosters growth, confidence, and clarity in the pursuit of one’s goals.

The Purpose Chasing Planner: A Tool for Transformation

As we step into a new year, the Purpose Chasing Planner emerges as more than a mere organizational tool. Priced at $20.00 and available on, this planner is a strategic companion for those looking to make significant strides in their personal and professional lives.

Its quarterly layout ensures that goals are manageable and attainable, preventing the feeling of being overwhelmed and encouraging consistent progress.

From Challenges to Triumph: Teri’s Inspiring Journey

Teri’s story is one of resilience and determination. Facing personal health and financial challenges, she transformed her life, losing 120 pounds and redefining her approach to wellness and success. This personal evolution led to the birth of the Purpose Chasing Academy, where Teri helps others find balance and fulfillment in all aspects of their lives.

A Global Vision for Empowerment

Teri’s aspirations reach far beyond the confines of her Academy and events. Her presence on the Times Square Billboard and the success of The Purposeful Brunch are stepping stones towards her goal of becoming a global speaker, author, and talk show host. She aims to extend her influence, empowering women across the world to chase their purpose with confidence and passion.

A New Year’s Call to Action

As we embrace the new year, Teri Donelson stands as a symbol of hope and empowerment. Her story, the Purpose Chasing Planner, and events like The Purposeful Brunch are not just about setting and achieving goals; they’re about a deeper journey of self-realization and purposeful living. Teri’s feature on the New York Times Square Billboard and the successful hosting of The Purposeful Brunch are vivid reminders that with the right mindset and tools, every individual has the power to transform their dreams into reality.

She says, “On this journey of purpose walking you can’t allow distraction to stop you from movement! Things will arise but the real question is, are you locked in to your purpose enough to see them as distraction or as an excuse. Stop waiting and start!”

To connect with Teri Donelson, get the planner for the New Year – or to book her to speak, visit:






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