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Why Lauren Bateman Is at The Top of Her Game

Lauren Bateman

Lauren Bateman is the founder and CEO of Full-Time Tubers, a website that instructs entrepreneurs and service providers on how to develop and establish a presence on YouTube. Full Time-Tubers offers suggestions on the intricacies of what YouTube appreciates and disfavors, as well as some crucial subjects to concentrate on when starting off.

At 27, she made the decision to quit her job to pursue a career in music. While pursuing a career in music, she started teaching guitar and voice lessons out of a spare bedroom in her apartment. Her music gig didn’t pay as much, so she had to figure out a way to make money somehow. Eventually, she managed to build a full roster of students and made more money teaching than she did selling CDs or booking gigs. It was at that point that Lauren decided to go all in on teaching business and started hiring other teachers to take on the extra students that she couldn’t accommodate into her schedule. In 2012, Lauren opened her first brick-and-mortar music school location. Later down the road, she opened her second location in 2016 and her third location at the end of 2019.

She stopped teaching entirely in 2017 and moved her attention to running and supervising the music schools. She couldn’t help but miss her coworkers and the satisfaction she had when she was able to make people’s lives better through music, though. After some thought, she decided to start a YouTube channel where she would publish tutorial videos showing people how to play simple songs and teach them the fundamentals of the guitar. One of her previous teaching videos went popular toward the end of the year, increasing from 20 views per day to over 4,000 views per day in a matter of weeks. She first realized YouTube’s genuine potential when more courses were sold as a result of the video’s success.

Aside from the success her brand has brought her, Lauren finds the most rewarding part of her career is that she’s able to coach and help others achieve their goals. Her work has had significant impacts on her students and, in some cases, has saved lives. She never once thought that simply publishing some videos on YouTube would have the impact that it does today. She’s able to positively impact the masses, whether it’s through her music or from an entrepreneurial aspect.

The COVID pandemic would put an end to her success in 2020, and she would lose 35% of her brick-and-mortar business overnight. She made the decision to invest everything on YouTube after this heartbreaking loss, and it paid off greatly.

Young entrepreneurs should never be scared to attempt new things or fail, according to Lauren. Lauren created two unsuccessful businesses in her early 20s. These encounters did not, however, cause her to give up. It just meant she hadn’t yet located the ideal vehicle. Lauren preaches to “Try and fail at as many things as possible.” She is a strong believer that the faster you fail, the faster you will find what you truly love and can excel. You can keep up with everything about Lauren Bateman by following her on Instagram, and make sure to check out her website and business opportunities here.

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