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Carlos Cuevas Unveils EternitAI, the Future of AI-Generated Artwork Monetization.

In an era where digital transformation reshapes every corner of our lives, Carlos Cuevas stands as a beacon of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. With a robust history spanning over three decades in entrepreneurship, his latest venture, EternitAI, is poised to revolutionize how we create, share, and monetize digital art. By harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, Cuevas is not only pioneering a new market but also crafting a legacy that intertwines technology with creativity in unprecedented ways.

EternitAI emerges in response to a burgeoning dilemma within the digital arts community. As AI technologies like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Leonardo, and Dall-E 3 have surged in popularity, they’ve generated more than 15 billion images in just two years. However, less than 1% of these creations have been monetized, despite their increasing quality and the growing threat they pose to traditional artists and designers. This gap in the market is where Cuevas, along with his sons Nicolas and Santino, has brilliantly positioned EternitAI.

The platform they’ve developed is a B2B2C marketplace, uniquely combining AI-powered image generation with an e-commerce framework that facilitates the sale of high-quality, customizable products featuring these images. From inception to launch, the creation of EternitAI was a meticulous eight-month journey, culminating in a system that not only generates images but also connects them with a global audience eager to purchase unique, personalized products.

For creators, EternitAI offers a revolutionary opportunity to earn revenue through a flexible percentage split model, with earnings deposited directly into their bank accounts. For brands, the enterprise plan provides tools to create and manage a portfolio of images and a customized manufacturing flow, all while EternitAI manages a modest 10% marketplace fee on transactions. This approach not only democratizes the creation of art but also empowers creators and brands alike to tap into new revenue streams.

Carlos Cuevas’s journey with EternitAI is deeply personal. The project was initiated as a means for him and his sons to learn how to build a company from scratch. This educational venture has grown into a powerful platform with the potential to reshape how digital art is perceived and valued. Cuevas’s experience, covering industries from media to tech, has imbued him with a keen insight into market needs and consumer behaviors. This insight is evident in how EternitAI addresses the critical challenge of monetization in the digital art space.

Moreover, Cuevas is no stranger to overcoming challenges. His career has been marked by navigating through the complexities of various industries, always with a focus on innovative solutions and sustainable practices. The most significant challenge for EternitAI lies in educating brands and creators about the benefits of AI in art creation and personalization. Through significant marketing efforts and strategic outreach, Cuevas aims to enlighten potential users about the transformative potential of EternitAI.

Looking forward, Cuevas is optimistic about the future of EternitAI. With ambitions to reach $100 million in revenue within five years, he envisions a vibrant ecosystem where thousands of brands and creators can thrive by leveraging AI-generated images. His dream extends beyond mere profitability; it encompasses a broader contribution to the Future of Work, where creativity and technology merge to create new opportunities and redefine industries.

In sum, Carlos Cuevas is not just building a company; he’s shaping a future where art meets artificial intelligence in a mutually enriching synthesis. As EternitAI continues to grow, it promises to be a pivotal player in the art and technology sectors, driven by Cuevas’s vision of a world where every creator can transform their digital art into a sustainable livelihood. This is more than a business model—it’s a new frontier in the digital age, inviting us all to rethink the boundaries between technology, art, and commerce.

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