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City Swipe Fluid Art: Jersey City’s Chic New Antidote to Stress

City Swipe
City Swipe

In the heart of Jersey City of the Tri-state area amidst the towering skyscrapers and the relentless hum of commerce, a colorful oasis has emerged. City Swipes, a fluid art studio nestled just two stops from the World Trade Center on the PATH train, is transforming the way professionals unwind and de-stress.

Gone are the days of stuffy cocktail bars and predictable happy hours. Today, they can unleash their inner artist and let loose with acrylic paints. City Swipes, the brainchild of former Wall Street maven Carri Louise Degenhardt, offers a chic and inviting space for those seeking a creative escape from the pressures of the corporate world.

“Wall Street is a high-stress environment,” Carri explains, her voice filled with empathy. “I’ve been there, I understand the demands and the toll it takes on your mental well-being. That’s why I created City Swipes, to provide a sanctuary where people can disconnect, express themselves, and find a sense of calm.”

The studio’s specialty, fluid art, is a captivating medium where acrylic paints are poured and manipulated to create mesmerizing, abstract masterpieces. The process is both meditative and liberating, allowing participants to focus on the present moment and let go of their worries.

“It’s like therapy, but with a fabulous end result,” laughs one executive, admiring her vibrant, swirled creation. “I come here after a long day, and it’s like hitting the reset button. The stress just melts away.”

City Swipes offers a variety of fluid art experiences tailored to busy schedules. After-work drop-in sessions provide a quick and easy way to decompress, while weekend workshops allow for deeper exploration of the medium. The studio also boasts a Sip-N-Pour workshop where participants can mingle and admire each other’s artwork over a glass of wine.

The studio’s chic aesthetic and Instagram-worthy backdrops have also made it a popular spot for team-building events and corporate outings. Companies are recognizing the value of providing employees with creative outlets to boost morale and foster camaraderie. Teams have so much fun experimenting with different pouring techniques and creating collaborative pieces. It’s a great way to bond and break down barriers.

But City Swipes isn’t just for corporate types. The studio welcomes anyone seeking a creative escape, regardless of their profession or artistic background. Carri believes that everyone has an inner artist waiting to be unleashed.

“You don’t need any experience to enjoy fluid art,” she assures. “It’s all about the process, the joy of experimentation, and the satisfaction of creating something beautiful with your own hands.”

With its unique blend of art therapy, social connection, and stylish ambiance, City Swipes is revolutionizing the way professionals unwind. Carri Degenhardt wields the power of creativity to heal, inspire, and bring people together. So next time one finds oneself stressed out by the demands of the financial world, ditch the spreadsheets and head to City Swipes. You might just discover a hidden talent and a newfound sense of calm.

Carri’s fluid art creations and other inspired products are available for collectors at her gallery: Furthermore, her personal creations are making their way into galleries and boutiques throughout the North East

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